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GPT-4, YouTube Trends, And AI Social Clips

5 Links + 3 Tools + 1 Tactic

Don't want to read? Watch a video or listen to the audio.

A happy start to CES. More updates next week, but for now check out a new monitor from Samsung to compete with Apple's Studio Display and new streaming accessories from Cooler Master.

👩‍💼 LinkedIn is rolling out 7 new updates in 2023. The video-related one: improved video accessibility. Uploaded videos will now have auto-generated captions (which you can edit before publishing). If you get your videos captioned elsewhere, you've been able to upload an SRT file of your captions for a while, which you can still do. They're also rolling out improved content analytics.

📈 YouTube released their own predictions on what they think will be viral in 2023. Content about AI, hotel & travel videos, and channels using MrBeast's playbook of stunts and philanthropy. Kind of ironic that YouTube's own video lacks any type of chapter markers or links 🤦‍♂️

🤖 ChatGPT has been blowing a lot of minds with what it's able to write/create. It's based on GPT-3.5, the current AI model from OpenAI. But GPT-4 is around the corner, and cognitive scientist Gary Marcus says, "minds will be blown." It will have more parameters and be trained with more data, but it will still have the shortcomings of the current GPT model, like a basic understanding of the world. I've been using GPT-3 for a few years. It's a great tool for creating rough drafts and brainstorming ideas. But it needs guidance and editing, and I never ever trust any "facts" it outputs.

📸 Panasonic launched an update to their full-frame S5 camera, the S5II. Biggest improvement: a much better auto-focus system.

🏪 More eCom stores are adding product videos to their product detail page. This article predicts an even higher increase in video components. Globaledit and CoCreativ CEO Mathieu Champigny: “Our clients tell us that their 2023 budget will include an additional 15% to 20% of SKUs getting a video for their eCommerce website, so the growth of eCommerce video production is just at its infancy.”

🧰 3 Tools

📹 Detail: Record, edit, and remix video clips for other platforms, with AI to keep faces center framed.

🏰 Peerspace: Find amazing locations for photo or video shoots. It's like Airbnb for locations.

🗂️ Post Haste: Keep an organized file structure for all your projects by creating a folder template that you can deploy in one click. Also, it's free.

♜ 1 Tactic

Two most important metrics on YouTube: click-thru rate and watch time.

Click-thru: you gotta sell your video.

Two biggest factors to get the click: the thumbnail and title.

Pique curiosity or make a promise ("by watching this video, you'll learn X")

But don't forget about all other elements that go into publishing a video, especially if the goal is to get the video to rank in Google.

We've been putting the most important link in the first comment and pinning it to the top.

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