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AI Primer, BookTok, and Backing Up Your Podcast

5 Links + 3 Tools + 1 Tactic

Video Signals

Don't want to read? Watch a video or listen to the audio.

On this day in 1984, the first Macintosh computer was released (along with one of the greatest commercials of all time). And be sure to celebrate National Florida Day tomorrow. Just don't ride a manatee.

Make sure you hit publish this week - let's jump into it.


5 Links

🤖 Feeling a bit behind on AI, Machine Learning, and ChatGPT? This primer from McKinsey is a quick read that'll get you up to speed on ChatGPT and how it works.

🔍 An overview from Moz on recent updates on the various ways videos might show up in Google search, including video packs with key moments, carousels, mega-videos, and the recent inclusion of TikTok videos.

🏞️ Instagram admits they showed too many videos last year.

📚 How TikTok (and the sub-genre BookTok) has become a key part of Penguin Random House's marketing strategy.

👀 This demo from NVIDIA takes your webcam signal and uses AI to alter your eyes so it looks like you're speaking directly into the camera. The comments were kind of split on this - some people thought it was really weird to look directly into camera. From a recipient's end, I think it's distracting when the person I'm speaking to isn't looking in the camera because I wonder if they're paying attention.

Video chat aside - this'll be amazing for reading a script from your desktop and looking like you're speaking right to camera.

3 Tools

🚚 MASV: MASV makes it a lot easier and quicker to send large files (which is common when dealing with video). It has its own app, which speeds up uploads faster than through the browser. You can also send people a simple upload link to upload and automate where the files go after. Little pricey per GB but a lot less expensive than buying and mailing a hard drive.

📝 Annotate.tv: Note-taking app for YouTube that lets you load a video and take timestamped notes. Integrates with Readwise, so you can sync your video notes up with other apps.

📹 mmhmm: Adds tons of video effects to your webcam, like the ability to position yourself anywhere in the frame, add slides behind you, and create switchable scenes. Handy for taking Zoom presentations to the next level without boring screen shares.

1 Tactic

Two is one and one is none.

Saw this tweet from Sam Parr, who has a top 100 business podcast:

If you're doing anything that is impossible to do again or would be a huge pain, you need redundancies.

For this podcast scenario, here are a few things he could've done:

  • Use an app like Audio Hijack, which can take literally any audio source from your computer and do different things to it, like create backup recordings.

  • A bit more hardware, but plug your microphone into a Zoom or Tascam recorder which then plugs into your computer (most current recorders have a USB interface so it'll show up as a USB mic). This is a better setup because you have a second piece of hardware doing the backup recording, so even if your computer froze or crashed you'd be fine.

Now when it comes to video, it can be a bit trickier since video takes up so much space, cutting the amount of available cards or storage in half to have redundancy can be a big sacrifice.

But there are still a few options:

  • Run multiple cameras from different angles.

  • If your camera has dual slots, turn on dual-slot recording to record to two cards at the same time.

  • Use an external recorder, like an ATOMOS monitor that records to SSD.

  • If this is a computer recording, like Zoom or Riverside, run a separate screen recording app. Or even better - run your monitor through an external recorder, like an ATEM Mini. Again, same idea with audio - the more devices involved, the less chance there's a single point of failure.

And of course with data - back it up, both on premise and into the cloud.

Audio - easy to have backup options. Video - bit more of a pian.

Am I saying I record every video with three backups running at the same time?


But when we're doing something with a VIP or an event that would be impossible to repeat, you know we're pulling out every backup tool in our kit.

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