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Will ChatGPT Content Rank in Google?

Video Signals: 5 Links + 3 Tools + 1 Tactic

Video Signals

Don't want to read? Watch a video or listen to the audio.

Take a sip of hot chocolate and put on a gorilla suite because it's National Hot Chocolate and Gorilla Suit Day. That's two separate things...not drink chocolate while looking like King Kong.

Got an awesome video coming out for you later this week over on the channel. But for now, let's dig into some signals.


5 Links

🔎 With AI and ChatGPT content blowing up, there's been a lot of debate on if Google will penalize blogs written with AI and if it can even tell. Someone ran a few tests and found that content written with ChatGPT performs well when the content is reviewed and edited, you already have a reputable domain, and the content targets questions with straight answers (how-to type stuff).

🤨 With Facebook and Google ads getting crazy expensive, Ahrefs has a good breakdown of what they learned spending over $200K on Quora ads. Better CPC but needs some tweaking getting set up.

🧃 Great thread of branding principles from Matt Gray. Frictionless communication, signpost your customers, and write for one reader are the ones that stood out to me. Also applicable principles not just for branding but any type of communication, like making videos.

🥽 Wanted to enter the fancy version of the metaverse? Meta Quest Pro, the high-end AR and VR glasses from Meta, are $400 off this week.

🕹️ TikTok has a 'heating' button that can manually make any video go viral. Josie and the Pussycats turned out to be more accurate than anyone would've thought.

3 Tools

🧰 BRAW Toolbox: If you have a Blackmagic camera and record in their RAW format, unless you edit in Resolve you'll usually need to convert the RAW files into another format to edit them. But with BRAW Toolbox, you can edit BRAW files right inside Final Cut Pro without having to convert them (which saves on doubling your storage space).

📊 Geckoboard: Simple data dashboard (like for YouTube) that I found easier to use than Databox.

🖌️ Photopea: Photoshop but free and online.

1 Tactic

The toughest part is getting started.

Articles. Photos. Videos.

But if you accept that your first 10 uploads will suck (aka not be up to your taste standard, or The Gap as Ira Glass calls it), it drastically reduces the pressure to get going.

10 is being nice (I believe in you!). MrBeast says your first 100 will not get views.

Once you accept that and take away the pressure of 'perfect,' it's a lot easier to get started.

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