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ChatGPT Plus & James Clear's 2 Million Subscriber Playbook

Video Signals: 5 Links + 3 Tools + 1 Tactic

Video Signals

Don't want to read? Watch a video or listen to the audio.

Grab your puppiccino - today is Doggy Date Night AND National Golden Retriever Day. But for real - every day is dog day.

Alright, time for some signals.


5 Links

🧠 OpenAI announced ChatGPT Plus, a paid tier to their robot tool that has literally taken over the (internet) world. For $20 a month, you get access during peak times, faster response times, and first access to new features. I'm surprised it isn't more - it costs OpenAI every single time someone runs a query, which is probably adding up. Though with 100 million users it'll probably go down as one of the greatest growth hacks in history.

⛏️ Instagram's co-founders are back developing a new app - Artifact. TikTok for text? Google Reader re-imagined? No one's quite sure, but it's supposed to use AI to surface articles of interest for you in a readable feed that you scroll through. Not sure humans have the attention span to do a deep dive into reading while on the go, but it's still too early to say since no one quite knows what this app does. Public waitlist just opened up.

💾 Everything you want to know about H.264 - the most popular video compression standard (the thing you shrink your video down so you can upload it to YouTube but still keep it looking sharp).

🔎 TikTok SEO. Mentioned it before - it's only getting bigger. Plus, TIkTok is testing search ads. Expect this to keep getting bigger (good time to get in on this now).

📓 Great thread from Katelyn Bourgoin on 16 applied psychology concepts for marketers. Few standout ones: The Barnum Effect (make it feel personal), Status Quo Bias (show the risk of doing nothing), and priming people to take action.

3 Tools

🗂️ Iconik: Digital Asset Management system. We've been using it to index and organize ALL our media across terabytes of data. Plus we can share video edits for feedback, so it's replaced Frame.io for us.

🤖 Jasper: ChatGPT put AI writing on the map, but it's nothing new. GPT-3, its language model that produces text, has been around for a few years. I tested a lot of the early apps and Jasper was by far the best. Powerful, quick to innovate, and responsive to feedback. I still find it better for writing longer content than ChatGPT.

🖼️ Unsplash: One of my favorite sources for free-to-use photos

1 Tactic

Create Compounding Work

We just released a new video on the channel that does a deep dive into how James Clear built a 2 million subscriber email list.

You can boil it down to 3 things:

  1. Consistency

  2. Value

  3. Optimization

Give it a watch. But one thing I found really interesting was the narrative around James Clear's consistency.

The simple story is James Clear published two articles a week on his website for 10 years and grew the newsletter consistently over that time.

But that's not true. He wrote about two articles a week for the first 3 years...then stopped.

Writing Atomic Habits, having kids - he didn't have enough time to keep writing in-depth articles.

But here's the crazy thing - the website traffic and subscribers continued to grow.

Because James focused on timeless and universal topics, the articles didn't have a shelf-life. They kept working for him. They kept compounding.

James did it with text, but the same applies for video.

The early work and consistently and the most important, especially when they can keep compounding for you.

Go watch the full video for more tactics like this one.

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