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Google's AI Search & Improving Your Thumbnails

Video Signals: 5 Links + 3 Tools + 1 Tactic

Video Signals

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An early happy National Pizza Day this Thursday. Just don’t put any pineapple on it.

5 Links

🪶 Google is rolling out its own AI features in search called Bard. From the screen mockups, it looks like a more in-depth version of the snippets we already see in search. This will probably continue a trend we’ve seen with search - people get the answer they’re looking for and don’t need to click on a link.

🙅‍♀️ Rising group of TikTok ‘de-influencers’ are criticizing viral products and promoting thoughtful shopping - aka less consumerism.

🤳 Stock photography site Shutterstock is releasing a generative AI tool (type a prompt, get an image). Smart move on their part - disrupt themselves with AI tools to make stock photos before someone else does.

🤖 Using AI tools doesn’t have to be a binary choice of either using it for everything or don’t use it at all. This article from Animalz explores different balances in mixing AI tools into a human workflow.

🧰 Study from Ross Simmonds on which type of free resources gets the most links. Overwhelming answer: Tools.

3 Tools

🐥 TinyMentions: Track a topic on Twitter and get recommendations and insights on tweets and users around that topic.

💬 MacWhisper: OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, has a feature called Whisper that uses its language model to transcribe audio and video. The only thing is you had to be technical to program access to it. MacWhisper is a user-friendly app that will transcribe with a simple drag and drop - for free.

🎶 Soundraw: Use AI to generate music with specific styles, durations, and tempos.

1 Tactic

4 tactics to make your thumbnails more clickable:

1️⃣ Ask a question

How did this happen??
What’s going on?

2️⃣ Show a gap

Day 1 → Day 10.
What happened?

3️⃣ Pique curiosity

I failed.
Mark Rober is successful. How did he fail?

4️⃣ Highlight a pain

Your Video is Boring
Damn, my video is boring? How do I fix that?

Unsuck your iPhone videos

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Very helpful class. Some tidbits that were interesting for me is learning about Filmic Pro app, best practices for shooting instagram videos, positioning interview subject, and how shooting 4k helps later in editing.

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