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Pinterest shopping, UGC resources, and YouTube video comments

5 Links + 3 Tools + 1 Tactic

Video Signals

Don't want to read? Watch a video or listen to the audio.

Last email somehow had the default New Post subject line left on as one of the A/B tests…and it won.

Will send all future signals with (No Subject) from now on.

Hope you enjoyed pizza day yesterday, now let’s dig into some video marketing signals for dessert.


5 Links

📱 If you’re on iOS, you can now respond to YouTube comments with Shorts (and it’ll pull the comment text into the video). I was wondering if this just meant you could reply to Shorts comments with Shorts, but I tested it out and you can reply to any type of YouTube video comment with a video (any of your videos). Could be a great hack to build engagement.

🛍️ Pinterest is expanding its shopping features to now include video pins (what they call Idea Pins). Their goal - make every pin shoppable. Pinterest is a bit of a sleeper social network but still massive. Lots of opportunities to tap into it, especially if you’re in ecommerce.

📹 FilmicPro, the iPhone filmmaking power app, just released v7.2, which has new tools to help keep shots in focus, along with new framing guidelines. For an overview of the app’s brand new interface in v7, and what’s new in v7.1, check out our new video.

📣 TikTok added 4 new options to boost a video directly from the post. Let’s just hope it doesn’t take Facebook’s path of pay-to-play.

📺 Riverside article on the rise of video podcasting. I always say if you’re starting a podcast, make it video first. Tons of options for cross-platform sharing when you have the video (no one wants to watch an audiogram). Also, YouTube podcast page is improving and will probably be a huge player in 2023.

3 Tools

🎭 Backstage: Great network for casting all types of talent. Movies to commercials to UGC.

🪐 Morningscore: SEO tool with actionable steps to improve your site

✏️ Remove bg: Upload an image. Get the background removed. Free.

1 Tactic

No one likes a talking head video.

Using pattern interrupts is a great tool for keeping attention.

Here are 5 you can use in videos to keep people watching:

1. Change the Background or Scene

2. Shift in Edit Pacing

3. Music & SFX

4. Props

5. Camera or Text Movement

On a scale of talking head is a 1 and MrBeast is an 11, aim for 7-9.

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