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Filmmaking and AI, YouTube's Creator Music, and Video Marketing Metrics

Here's your 5 min video marketing update

Video Signals

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Feb 14th - you know what that means. Happy Extraterrestrial Culture Day! Though, things haven’t been off to a great start since we keep shooting their balloons out of the sky. Oh, and happy v-day. On to the signals!


5 Links

🎶 YouTube has just made it a lot easier to use popular songs in videos while still collecting ad dollars. Creator Music is a new marketplace from YouTube that lets you easily see which songs you can license and how much it will cost.

🖲️ Filmmakers discuss the implications of AI in making movies. Lots of useful possibilities. One documentarian used it to improve and touch up 1100 archival images for a film. Colourlab.ai automates color correction to match the looks of different shots. Adobe Remix automatically extends music to fit the edit. On the flip side - a lot of talk on dealing with rights issues when the AI output is too close to actual copywritten work.

📷 Canon launched two new cameras that pack a lot of features while keeping a low sticker price.

🚨 Why hasn’t live streaming ecommerce taken off in the US like it has in China? One theory - China is hugely successful because of deal scarcity. People watch live streams to take advantage of a special deal. Flash deals (remember Groupon?) have fallen out of favor in the US because they wipe out any profit.

📈 Roundup post of what metrics 35 different experts look at to track video marketing. I’m biased here because I’m quoted in it. Click-thru rate and watch time.

3 Tools

✂️ VEED: Online video editor

🗂️ Kyno: File organization tool with useful features for organizing videos

🕵️‍♂️ Glimpse: Chrome extension that adds lots of useful data and trend alerts to Google Trends

1 Tactic

Avoiding ChatGPT / AI isn’t the answer.

Here are the skills you should level up on:

  • Research

  • Fact-Checking

  • Editing (text editing)

  • Prompt Writing

  • Endless Experimentation

AI tools are only going to get better and more entrenched in our lives. You can either shake your fist at the sky in annoyance or start messing around with these tools and stay ahead of the curve.

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