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YouTube Podcasting and Premiere's Text Editing Features

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5 Links

📑 Premiere has rolled out a beta feature to edit interview footage via text transcripts. We’ve been operating this way for about a year using Descript and I can’t imagine going back to anything else (we just released a video on the workflow). Premiere’s beta doesn’t look as powerful as what we do in Descript, but being built into the platform is a huge advantage. Also, you can do this with a third-party tool called Transcriptive.

🎙️ YouTube is testing new podcast features. For those in the test, when you click Upload you’ll see a new option for Podcast, which lets you mark the video as a podcast episode. You can also mark playlists as podcast playlists (I’ve seen this in the wild with some legacy channels) and there will be podcast-specific analytics. This will presumably help feed content into YouTube’s podcast home page. Oh, and if I didn’t talk about it enough already, if you’re not recording videos with your podcasts you better get on it.

🤖 Great write-up on using a variety of AI and no-code tools to create a complete landing page.

🎥 List of cameras used to record the documentaries at this year’s Sundance film fest. An iPhone shot more docs than a $40,000 Arri Alexa camera. Don’t let the tools be an excuse to not film.

📱 Speaking of phones and cameras, this in-depth piece from Frame.io looks at the history of cell phone cameras and how they can rival modern cameras today.

3 Tools

🐻 GummySearch: Best tool I’ve found to research and monitor subreddits to find video ideas, pain points, and customer research.

⌨️ Typeshare: Complete toolset for all types of online writing

🖥️ CreatorML: Use machine learning to predict the CTR of thumbnails and titles on YouTube

1 Tactic

Long Tail Content That Keeps Working for You

When I was researching the James Clear video, one question he asks before creating content or participating in something for someone else is how long will it keep working for him after he hits publish.

For example, he doesn’t do radio interviews anymore because once the interview is done, that’s it. No one is ever going to hear it again.

Podcasts, on the other hand, are great. Years after he records an episode people will still keep discovering it.

So when you’re deciding where to put your energy and effort, ask yourself which type of output will keep working for you.

Besides podcasts, a few others are blog posts (especially around evergreen topics vs trends) and YouTube videos.

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