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Welcome to another edition of Video Signals by VideoBrand, your twice weekly 5 minute update on the latest news and tools in the world of video marketing.

Happy Pi day! Back listening to Naatu Naatu on loop again.

But taking a break for some signals.

5 Links

📽️ ChatGPT 4 is rumored to be launching this week and it could support creating videos from text prompts.

🧐 Interesting thought piece from HBR on how generative AI could disrupt video. AI to learn and inform what videos to make - useful. AI that makes videos designed to engage, and keeps learning to keep making more engaging videos - sounds like a fast track to satisfying the worst parts of our lizard brain.

⛳️ Reelgolf is a company installing cameras on golf courses to capture the infrequent peak moments of hitting a great shot. Specific, but what I found interesting is the idea of building a business around capturing video around hard-to-get peak moments. You’re not going to film every single swing, but if you get a hole in one you’ll wish you had captured it. And obviously, you’ll share it everywhere. I see it as a thought experiment on your own business: how can you capture peak moments of hard-to-get experiences or how can you create sharable moments?

🛍️ From 1979 to today, a history of eCommerce (with screenshots).

🔎 We’ve talked about TikTok SEO a bunch - now they’re getting ready to launch search ads.

3 Tools

🏛️ AnswerSocrates: Discover what questions people are asking on Google so you can make videos to answer them

😋 Lickd: Easy way to license ‘real’ music

🥸 This Person Does Not Exist: AI generates random portraits of people…that don’t exist.

1 Tactic

"You do not need much creativity to write letters; you only need to be adept at recycling and reorganizing ideas, themes, words, and phrases."

Dan Kennedy

If you’re stuck thinking of original ideas, just remember everything is a remix.

You don’t have to start from 0.

Find what resonates or inspires you.

Add your own twist or take to it.

Or use the same format but apply it to your own niche.

This is why we create swipe files - collections of things that inspired us that we refer back to.

Start your swipe file, start remixing, start shipping.

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