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Adobe gets in the AI game with Firefly

Your 5 minute video trends and marketing update.

Video Signals

Sorry for the lack of signals recently - been in the beat laboratory with a lot of new videos coming out soon.

Here are the signals for this week. Regular programming resumes next Tuesday. ✌️

5 Links

☄️ Adobe is getting into the AI game with its own AI model called Firefly. In beta right now. Photoshop and Illustrator are some of the obvious uses, but it even has some demos of being used in Premiere for video editing by just typing out what you want.

⌨️ Someone built a third-party extension that lets you transcribe your videos inside Resolve using Whisper, OpenAI’s powerful transcribing tool.

📸 When everything shifted to remote work and Zoom meetings, Camo became a stand-out app to turn your smartphone into a webcam. Then Apple launched Continuity Camera, which basically made Camo redundant if you had an iPhone. Now they’ve pivoted and launched Camo 2, which works with any connected camera and helps improve and control your video quality.

👩‍🏫 Twitter launched a free course on video marketing called Unskippable.

🎥 Twitter thread by Matt Wolfe of 9 AI tools that can generate video.

3 Tools

💬 Riverside Transcription: 100% free transcription using Whisper. Full video review here.

🥛 MilkVideo: Turn interviews and podcasts into video highlights

🪄 Unscreen: Remove the background from your video for free

1 Tactic

5 Tactics to Optimize Your Video for Search

  1. Put your target keyword in the title. Use VidIQ to help with this.

  2. Treat your description like a mini blog post. Ahrefs is a great example of this - they fill their description with a mini summary of everything covered in the video.

  3. Tags having an effect on ranking is debatable, but they’re there so you might as well use them. Make sure they’re relevant and specific. VidIQ can help you fill this up.

  4. Mention other videos on your channel and use cards to link to them. Think of this as internal linking in blogs. Also link to them in your description.

  5. Keep people on your channel by organizing similar videos into playlists and using the end screen to link to a relevant video.

We will be at NAB in April, the massive camera and video tech convention where all the new gear is announced.

We’ll be producing a lot of videos on the latest news and updates.

This page on our site will be the central hub, along with our YouTube channel.

I’ll also have a separate email list segment that will be a daily update of everything we covered. You have to opt-in to that one - I’m not going to send everyone on this list a daily email they didn’t ask for.

So if you want daily updates (it’s only 5 days in April), add your email to this segment at the link below or just reply here and I’ll add you to the list.

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How else I can help you:

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  • Get our YouTube & Video course, which has had over 4000 students

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