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Riverside just made podcast editing a whole lot easier

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Video Signals

Happy April 1.

I miss the good ol’ days when you always had to be suspicious of what you’d find using any Google products (Gmail Paper, Google Voice for pets, Google Maps switching locations).

Ironically, Gmail Autopilot was a joke that could read your emails for you - now that’s looking like a reality when they roll out Bard to Gmail.

NAB is in just 2 weeks - huge expo with lots of new cameras, video gear, editing software, and more, and we’ll be covering it all. Sign up for our daily updates and videos.

Now let’s jump into the signals!

5 Links

📹 Riverside, our favorite remote video recording app, just released a whole new version that makes editing your podcasts a lot easier. Automatic transcription, text-based editing, multi-track sync, speaker detection, and search for sharing clips on social.

📟 With GPT-4 rolling out, here’s a thread that breaks down all the new things it can do (visual inputs, handles 25,000 words 🤯, iteration on your writing style).

📺 Move over Netflix - YouTube is now the number one streaming app on TVs in the US.

🔮 With chat-based search potentially upending traditional SEO strategy, here are some ideas on how to adjust. your content marketing efforts.

📷 Sony launched the ZV-E1. Specifically designed for vlogging, it features some smart internals like AI for face recognition and reframing, a cinematic vlogging mode (which pulls from features from some of the pricier cinema line cameras, a high-quality full-frame sensor, and in-body image stabilization. All these features don’t come cheap - the camera, body only, is about $2200.

And if you’re in the market for a Sony camera, here’s our latest video on the top 5 options for video for any budget:

3 Tools

🎨 Resolve: Powerful video editor and color mixing. And free.

💈 Kapwing: Collaborative, web-based video editor

🗣️ Lovo: AI text-to-speech voice generation

1 Tactic

Our Tech Stack For Producing 30 Videos in 4 Days

NAB Show is coming up and we’re deep in preparing as much as possible so we can put videos out as quickly as possible.

Here’s a quick rundown of the tech stack we plan on using - if this is interesting we’ll do some behind-the-scenes video breakdowns of the process.

ClickUp - Project Management

This is the central hub where all the videos, companies, contacts, social media, newsletter - everything - gets tracked. We’re building out custom templates just for the NAB videos, which include some new tasks like how to promote the video once published. The editing process will be pretty similar to what I covered in the last Signal.

Slack - Communication

ClickUp is great for project management, but its alerts and mobile app can be a bit slow. I need something I can communicate with everyone with from my phone on the show floor, so we’ll be using Slack. Great for text, threaded conversations, and I can send voice notes and it’ll automatically transcribe it.

Frame.io & Camera to Cloud - Proxy Upload

Alright, now things get technical. Our goal is to get the videos uploaded as quickly as possible, which means the editors need to get the footage as quickly as possible.

Just a few years ago the only option would be run to the media room, hook up your laptop and start uploading the raw footage from the camera cards. This still takes time, plus you need extra people to supervise the gear and run back and forth to the camera crew on the floor to swap out cards.

Frame.io has a brilliant feature called camera to cloud, which is now integrated in a variety of camera accessories, like Teradek transmitters and Atomos monitors.

These are wifi-connected devices that connect to the camera and instantly create a low-resolution proxy file of the video and upload it to Frame.io.

So in near real-time (theoretically), as soon as we stop recording a proxy video is online, ready to start editing.

By the time the edit is finished, we’ll have had enough time to upload the original media file, which the editor can then download and relink, which swaps out the low-quality edit file with the high-quality final one.

Iconik - Media Management

Iconik is what we use to manage all our media in the cloud and in our Synology NAS. There’s a lot of overlap with features between Frame.io and Iconik - but Iconik tracks all of our media while Frame.io is more for just active files and edits.

Adobe Premiere - Video Editing

I’m a Final Cut guy, the rest of the team is Premiere (still great, btw). Whatever tool helps them work the most efficiently. Plus, Premiere has some great integrations with Iconik and Frame.io (which they own now).

BTW - we’ll be interviewing some special people at Adobe and Frame.io, so make sure you’re following our coverage.

Zapier - Automation

Still testing this out, but we’ll be using Zaps to automatically send video files to YouTUbe to save time from downloading and re-uploading.

Missinglettr & beehiiv - Promotion

Missinglettr is great for building promotion templates over a set period of time, so we can just load the video and schedule a bunch of posts spaced over a few weeks.

And beehiiv - what you’re reading this on right now - is what we’ll use to send out the daily recaps to everyone that opted in (which you should do right now).

Just talked about this a bunch - but once again, we’ll be at NAB in 2 weeks.

This page on our site will be the central hub, along with our YouTube channel.

I’ll also have a separate email list segment that will be a daily update of everything we covered. You have to opt-in to that one - I’m not going to send everyone on this list a daily email they didn’t ask for.

So if you want daily updates (it’s only 5 days in April), add your email to this segment at the link below or just reply here and I’ll add you to the list.

Want to get in front of 100k founders, marketers, and creators?

We still have slots for series sponsors. I conservatively estimate 100K views across all the videos we produce, plus this newsletter. If you want to get in front of marketers and creators, our target audience, reply to this email and I’ll send a one sheet.

How else I can help you:

  • Check out our YouTube channel with lots of free tutorials (and let me know what else you’d like covered)

  • Get our YouTube & Video course, which has had over 4000 students

  • If you have a specific project in mind and would like to potentially work together, just hit reply

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