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AI prompts for videos, Google's 'virality tester,' and monetizing content

Your 5 minute video trends and marketing update.

Video Signals

Happy National Pet Day 🦮 

Final countdown to NAB - coming at you this Saturday.

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Now let’s jump into the signals!

5 Links

🧪 Google filed a patent for a ‘Virality Tester’ - a model that can look at everything you’ve published on an account and assigns a score that reflects the quality and popularity of your content. Kind of reminds me of Klout.

🎨 Interesting read with illustrations on how colors change the perception of interior spaces (useful if you’re building a video studio).

💵 A Patreon competitor named Fanfix is targeting Gen Z users and giving them a platform to monetize their content. Supports subscriptions, Tip-to-DM, and personalized videos (coming soon).

🌁 Microsoft rolled out Edge Image Creator to everyone (front-facing interface powered by DALL-E, OpenAI’s text-to-image AI tool).

📝 GoDaddy launched AI prompts for small business owners. Collection of prompts you can use in ChatGPT, with various use cases for small business owners. Prompt writing and tools are only going to get more and more useful (see below).

3 Tools

📮 Metricool: Social media scheduling tool (can post TikTok and Reels natively) but I like it for it’s unified dashboard to look at the analytics for all your social accounts in one spot.

📰 Feedly: RSS and newsreader. Moved to it when Google killed their Reader. Uses machine learning to sort through feeds and surface relevant articles.

🚤 Dock.us: Part proposal generator, part customer portal

1 Tactic

One Prompt. Multiple Options.

Like just about everyone, we’re working on ways to integrate AI in our workflow to save time and be more efficient.

One of those ways is generating ideas for YouTUbe metadata, and integrating it directly into our project management hub, ClickUp.

Now a lot of ChatGPT tutorials are about responding to the prompts with more direction, to redo the outputs so it reads like something you want.

But I don’t want to have a back and fourth, I just want multiple variations to show up with the same prompt.

So we’ve got this:

Below is a transcript from a YouTube video.

The target audience is [audience].

Write 6 different title options.

3 titles should be pretty straightforward about what the video is about.

3 titles should be a bit more mysterious and try to get people to click on the video.

Here is the transcript:

Put in your audience. Put in the raw text transcript from your video.

ChatGPT will come back with different title options in one go.

We have this integrated with ClickUp, pulling data from custom fields and sending the responses back as a comment in the task.

If this is interesting and you’d like a detailed breakdown of how we built this, let me know.

NAB - just a few days away!

This page on our site will be the central hub, along with our YouTube channel.

I’ll also have a separate email list segment that will be a daily update of everything we covered. You have to opt-in to that one - I’m not going to send everyone on this list a daily email they didn’t ask for.

So if you want daily updates (it’s only 5 days in April), add your email to this segment at the link below or just reply here and I’ll add you to the list.

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