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Adobe: More video will be generated than recorded

Your 5 minute video trends and marketing update.

Video Signals

🦸 Happy Superhero Day.

While this was a holiday created by Marvel, if I had to pick a favorite I’d go old school with Underdog.

Lot of great signals this week, plus most of our NAB coverage is live!

Gonna start off with my favorite interview with Michael Cioni from Adobe about the future of creativity and AI.

I don't have the answers. I'm just saying that this is an opportunity where the right creatives will find a way to make sure that they're relevant in this change.

Michael Cioni, Adobe’s Senior Director of Global Innovation

Now let’s jump into the signals!

5 Links

🎧 Been bullish on YouTube’s push into podcasts, and they’ve just taken another big step. Podcasts will now be available on YouTube Music. Another huge boost for reach and discoverability.

🥽 Here’s a Venn diagram of a story of hot topics: Roblox, one of the top metaverse world-building platforms, is using generative AI to help people code and create more virtual worlds more easily.

🏎️ IndyCar is trying to take a page out of the F1 / Netflix Drive to Survive playbook with their own docuseries leading up to the Indy 500. More brands harnessing the power of video and story.

📱 Runway, the innovative video AI editing tool, now has an iPhone app that will let you record video on the go and transform or generate new AI video based on it in minutes.

👩‍💼 Influencer marketing isn’t just for B2C companies. This interesting read covers the growing rise of B2B influencer marketing and a case study of Cisco tapping into IT influencers.

3 Tools

These tools are from our sponsors, which help make this newsletter and our videos possible. Even though it’s paid placement, they’re really great products - many of which we used before they became sponsors.

📮 Metricool ► Easy yet powerful social media scheduling and metrics dashboards.

📺 OpenReel ► No fuss video creation, great for marketing videos

🔒 Vestigit ► Secure and protect your video content

🪧 Adspective ► Use AI to dynamically place ads and products in existing videos and photos

🗄️ MASV ► Transfer large files and folders fast

For the next few weeks, we’ll round up the best tools by category that we saw at NAB.

The conversation started about Frame.io’s new updates supporting still photos in camera to cloud. But it took a wild turn talking about the future of AI.

My advice to cinematographers and photographers, creatives in general, is to really recognize that an enormous percentage of images today that are shot or recorded is going to go down.

Michael Cioni, Adobe’s Senior Director of Global Innovation

Not only can you stream to the cloud with Atomos, but you can also now edit video collaboratively and remotely.

This is for a more involved setup, but Teradek released a rugged router and data connection add-on, so you can create a mobile network anywhere, connect multiple cameras, and have anyone in the world monitor the camera feeds or receive the proxy files so they can start editing.

1 Tactic

Simplify editing by going Live to Tape

Live to Tape is a TV term where you run a show as if it’s ‘live,’ but you’re just recording to tape. Think late-night TV shows - they’re not really coming to you live at 11 PM - they record earlier in the day and then rebroadcast later.

While everything is treated as if it’s live for efficiency, it still gives them room to make some adjustments, like retaking a line that gets messed up or cutting down an interview that runs long.

Now this doesn’t just have to apply to TV.

In an interview I did with Layal from ProcessDriven, who makes a lot of ClickUp tutorials, she basically does the same thing when making videos.

She sets up different scenes in OBS - one of her camera, one of her desktop, and one that’s both her desktop and camera.

And while she’s recording her tutorials, she’s switching between scenes live with a Stream Deck.

She leaves a little bit of padding when making the scene changes, which she can just trim out in editing.

But now for her edit, she just has one long video, with the angles already switching. All she has to do is trim out the gaps or mess-ups, add some music and she’s good to go.

Efficient setup for being able to consistently post videos.

You can hear her talking about this at the 51 minute mark in our interview.

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