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Video Signals

Also, TIL you can make butterscotch brownies.

Now I could say, “Now for some bite-sized signals to snack on,” but I have a weird repulsion for analogies that use food words for non-food topics.

So let’s just get into the signals.

5 Links

📺 Watching YouTube on TV keeps getting bigger. Almost half of YouTube’s viewership in the US is on TV. On one hand, this is awesome - you have direct access to publishing content that people consume just like they’re watching a Netflix or HBO show. On the other hand, how do you design your videos to be watched from the couch instead of on a laptop or phone? Longer videos with story front and center.

📓 Canva released their Visual Economy Report. Takeaways: better visuals speed up the sales cycle, customers expect brands to be visually appealing, and visual literacy should be skillset everyone on the team is at least comfortable with.

🗞️ In true BuzzFeed fashion, CEO Jonah Peretti published a list of five predictions on how the media landscape will evolve. Of note: entertainment will win over news, AI tools will only get bigger, and homepages will become relevant again.

🛰️ OBS will now let you stream even higher quality live streams to YouTube.

📰 YouTube is rolling out more options to organize your videos on your channel page. Also, if you’re not treating your YouTube channel like a landing page designed to convert, you’re missing out.

3 Tools

These tools are from our sponsors, which help make this newsletter and our videos possible. Even though it’s paid placement, they’re really great products - many of which we used before they became sponsors.

📮 Metricool ► Easy yet powerful social media scheduling and metrics dashboards.

📺 OpenReel ► No fuss video creation, great for marketing videos

🔒 Vestigit ► Secure and protect your video content

🪧 Adspective ► Use AI to dynamically place ads and products in existing videos and photos

🗄️ MASV ► Transfer large files and folders fast

For the next few weeks, we’ll round up the best tools by category that we saw at NAB.

In this edition let’s talk about Mobile Video tools.


The most powerful multi-track video editor built specifically for iPads and tablets, LumaFusion rolled out multicam editing.


Filmic is the best app for filmmaking that unlocks complete control over every aspect of your phone’s cameras and sensors. We had already covered what’s new in v7. This interview covers a few new updates and mobile filmmaking in general.

OWC Thunderbolt Go Dock

If you want to use your iPad Pro as your primary editing device, you’ll need to attach some accessories, like extra hard drives. The OWC Thunderbolt Go Dock plugs into your iPad’s USB-C port and turns it into a powerhouse. In the video, an iPad is connected to an external monitor and 3 separate hard drives. You can also connect keyboards, sound mixing panels, and a whole lot more.


If you work with a lot of mobile journalists or mobile video recording, you’ll want to check out MiMojo. Simple hub to upload original, uncompressed media files from a phone and transfer them wherever you need them. It can also trim and encode the files to other formats.

1 Tactic

How to Research and Frame a YouTube Video

When we have an idea for a video, especially a technical or tutorial video, I like to run a bit of research to see how other videos in the space are framed.

I look for successful videos (high views, high engagement) and then check out what keywords are in the title, how is the title structured, and what problems the video addresses.

I also want to see if there’s too much competition from established channels that could potentially be too hard to beat.

Take Descript Tutorials.

The first thing I do is run a search on YouTube to see what shows up.

Because Descript has a pretty established channel, the top results are all from their channel.

Also, VidIQ’s score recommendation is meh (the higher the score the ‘better’ the opportunity to rank for that keyword), but I take that with a big grain of salt.

So at first it might seem like this is too crowded to do anything since Descript ranks for everything.

But I think their videos miss the mark of a quick and easy getting-started tutorial.

I scroll down further because one feature I do use a lot from VidIQ is Top Related opportunities.

Oh, look, spoiler: I was able to rank.

I’ll start with a broad keyword and then see what specific opportunities might be a better fit.

These keywords are still a bit broad, but digging deeper I’ll find better examples of more specific problems, like transcribing with descript and creating captions in descript (those became their own videos).

For this general Descript video, I got the idea for the title by noticing two trends on tutorials that tended to rank well.

  • They had a time benefit in the title (learn X in X minutes)

  • They offered a complete solution in a single video (Full Tutorial, Complete Tutorial, Free Course, etc)

That was how I created the title for the video, which contributed a lot to its growth.

Now for some more research I’ll hop over to Google.

I want to see if any videos rank on the SERP. Whether they do or don’t it’s not a deciding factor to pursue or not. But it’s useful to see what videos rank because in this case it’s totally different than what shows up on YouTube.

The other tool I like to use in Google is to see what’s in the People Also Ask box, which can help come up with more specific ideas to solve or terms to put in the video title to better match with what people are searching for.

So before you hit record, doing a quick search around YouTube and Google can tremendously help validate, frame, and structure how you create your video and how you title/frame it once you publish it.

How else I can help you:

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