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Aputure's new LED lights, BloombergGPT, and the end of live audio

Your 5 minute video trends and marketing update.

Video Signals

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Doing things a bit differently this edition - all Signals. No 5+3+1 breakdown.

Let me know what you think. Now, for the Signals.

Ok, it’s more than 5…

💡 Aputure released an update to their handy pocket LED lights, the Aputure MC Pro. 4X brighter and new design. Also available as an 8 pack.

✍️ Insightful LinkedIn post on how non-tech people actually have a leg up in getting creative in writing AI prompts, with tips on prompt writing. “ChatGPT is built for creatives. And it wants ALL the smoke.”

💰 Bloomberg developed their own language model, BloombergGPT, purpose built to focus on finance tasks.

🎙️ Remember Clubhouse and the rise of the live audio boom? Early lockdown nostalgia. Spotify is shutting down its live audio tools, another sign live audio has reached the end of its reel.

📱 TubeBuddy is rolling out a feature that uses AI to suggest moments to turn into Shorts from your long videos.

📖 Blackmagic has a totally free guide (more like a book) on how to use DaVinci Resolve 18 for editing.

🤖 Meta (Facebook) wants to use generative AI to help you create ads. They already have a team building AI tools so would assume this would be using their own models/tools, not OpenAI.

🛍️ TikTok is rolling out a new affiliate marketing program for US creators as it keeps pushing into the ecommerce space.

👩‍⚖️ This might be the first of many weird legal cases to come in the age of AI - Tom Graham, the CEO of Metaphysic, the company behind realistic deep fakes, has filed a copyright on his own AI likeness, the first to ever do so.

🎛️ Full set of profile tools and presets to use a Stream Deck Plus with Final Cut Pro.

🃏 Someone built an app that uses AI to turn your phone’s camera into a meme-generating machine.

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