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Why Google's new AI search is great for video

Your 5 minute video trends and marketing update.

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Welcome to your midweek dose of the latest video news and updates. Lots of AI news, let’s jump into it.

5 Links

🛍️ YouTube added some new updates to easily tag products inside videos (both regular videos and shorts).

📈 YouTube also released some analytics updates to showcase what type of content your audience watches so you can double down on it.

🦤 Meta / Facebook is launching a text-based Twitter competitor this summer. It’ll be a separate app but based on the Instagram graph/user names.

🔎 We keep talking about TikTok SEO as the next big thing. Doubling down on search, there’s now a TikTok search widget available on iPhone.

🤖 Good roundup of some of the best generative AI tools on the market for media creation.

3 Tools

These tools are from our sponsors, which help make this newsletter and our videos possible. Even though it’s paid placement, they’re really great products - many of which we used before they became sponsors.

📮 Metricool ► Easy yet powerful social media scheduling and metrics dashboards.

📺 OpenReel ► No fuss video creation, great for marketing videos

🔒 Vestigit ► Secure and protect your video content

🪧 Adspective ► Use AI to dynamically place ads and products in existing videos and photos

🗄️ MASV ► Transfer large files and folders fast

For the next few weeks, we’ll round up the best tools by category that we saw at NAB.

In this edition let’s talk about Edit Review & Feedback tools.

A few tools we previously covered have edit reviews built in (send someone a link to the video and they can leave time-specific comments).

They are:

But we covered a few more that address more specific use cases.

ftrack Review & CineSync

Both of these are from Backlight, which also makes Iconik. ftrack Review is more of a standalone edit review platform if you don’t need all of the digital asset management features that come with Iconik.

The one extra feature it has that Iconik can’t do is synced review sessions. If multiple people have the same video file open at the same time, you can sync playback so everyone is looking at the same frame/moment of the video.

CineSync also has the same sync feature, but it’s geared towards high-end visual effects work where you need to review original, high-quality media files. Unlike all the other platforms mentioned, which are web-based, CineSync is a video player app on your computer that downloads the original file for playback and review.


We didn’t get to interview them but Louper is a new company I thought had an interesting setup. If you need to do remote, real-time feedback with an editor, that’s what Louper is designed for. High-quality live streaming of the video output with real-time video chat.

1 Tactic

SEO is dead. Video is the way in an AI future.

Google I/O was last week, where they talked about all of their new AI products and search updates that they’re rolling out.

You can watch the 2 hour keynote here.

But I want to talk about search, SEO, and video.

There’s been a lot of talk in SEO groups that chat-based interactions (whether it’s Google’s new AI integration into the search page, Google Bard, ChatGPT, Bing, or whatever) are going to kill websites that rely on a large amount of their traffic coming from search, because why would anyone click on a link (if a link is even presented) when they get their questions answered by the chatbot?

I agree with this, but it’s also nothing new. Google’s been displaying snippets with answers to questions right in the search results for a while.

And with the preview of the new AI insight box, above the fold, there’s going to be even less reason for someone to click on an article when an entire personalized answer is created for them on the spot.

But, I think this is a huge opportunity for video.

In a preview from their promo ad (which you can watch above), video results were featured multiple times in the demo.

Twice they featured YouTube shorts (once for shopping, once for commentary)

And when a sample query of Create a 10k run training plan, tons of videos were featured.

People can skim and read text, and that text can come from anywhere without attribution.

People need videos to see, to learn, to get the info delivered in a more enjoyable format.

Want to create a moat for your SEO content against generative AI? Make more videos.

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